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Handwritten Notes from Reggie Maher 1979 – about Clowry farms

Handwritten Letter from Reggie Dowling
Handwritten Letter from Reggie Maher 1979


Kilmaglin, Ballintrane and Kilbricken. All in the same area Clowry shot in Kilmaglin in 1798. Later his wife was evicted, they would move to Ballintrane. In 1850 0r so they were evicted from Ballintrane by Brewster – a protestant minister. They bought Kilbricken(they were given a years grace to vacate Ballintrane).

Clowry was murdered in 1798 in his yard, he was my father’s grandmothers grandfather(Kilmaglin is where they lived) Father Clowry was killed near Purcells forge – while riding on is horse. His horse was frightened and shied(?)/ It was thought that this was planned. James Clowry, Eva’s father lived in Kilkey first. Clowry’s Ballintrane were wvicted by Brewster in 1871. They had bought a years times with one thousand sovereigns in gold – Geremiah Clowry bought Kilbricken in 1871 for ¬£4000. Keeleys were given Ballintrance, they had been evicted by the Corrigans. Reggie born 1910 – Ballyellen burned in 1911 or 1912. Family moved to Kilkea first then Kilbricken a month later

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Source: For all of these items above – Veronica Shorten