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WEX01 Maudlinstown, Wexford – US, UK
This branch originated in Maudlinstown, Wexford. The earliest Clowry that can be found in this tree is Peter Clowry(c.1813 – c.1882) his wife is unknown. It is also unknown who Peter’s parents were and if he had any brothers or sisters. There are still relatives of the tree living in Wexford but some moved to the US and UK in the early 1900’s. Over time the surnames seems to have changed to Clowery in Wexford.
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Questions: Branch WEX01 :  Maudlinstown to UK,Scotland, USA.

Peter 1813 – 1882 married unknown and had John 1838 and Philip 1840. Possibly had other kids.

Needs to check wexford parish records.

Questions: Branch WEX02 :  Wexford town

Ellen Clowry(born 1880-1895), had John Clowry as child in 1913 possibly in the UK.
Don’t know when she was born or John’s fathers name. Possibly related to the Murtagh and Penders in Wexford.