Whilst researching the Clowry family, there was 20 branches identified and all orignate from Carlow. A very loose naming scheme for each branch was used to simplify the sorting of the documents. The naming scheme is based on the origin of oldest Clowry member from each branch. Wex = Wexford, BOR = Borris Carlow, MYS = Myshall Carlow, BAG = Bagenalstown Carlow, LEI= Leighlinstown Carlow, CAR = Carlow Town, NLI = National Library of Ireland. All are self explanitory NLI(This signifies that the oldest relative was in the USA, Canada or Australia before Irish records in 1864 and the only place to find information on these branches in Ireland is possibly the National Library of Ireland parish records). The research also found included Clowreys and Clowerys. You can find information on each branch below.

WEX01 Wexford, US/UK

WEX02 Enniscorthy Wexford

BOR01 Borris Carlow, Quebec (Clowery), UK,Australia

MYS02 Knockbrack Carlow

MYS03 Kilbricken Carlow, NY,CA

MYS04 Kilmaglush Carlow

MYS05 Ballaghmore Carlow, Kildare

MYS06 Myshall Carlow, Chicago

BAG01 Royal Oak Carlow, Kilkenny

BAG02 Bagenalstown Carlow, Dublin

LEI01 Craanavonane Carlow, Roslee Carlow

CAR01 Tullow Street Carlow

CAR02 Green Lane, Dublin

CAR03 Carlow, Ohio

CAR04 Staplestown Road, Carlow

NLI01 Nova Scotia, Canada

NLI02 Australia

NLI03 Nova Scotia, Canada

NLI04 Wisconsin, USA

Misc Not Classified