Clowry Griffith’s Valuation

Richard John Griffith conducted a tenement survey which valued individual property separately for the first time in Ireland. The survey valued all buildings in the townland for the first time, whereas, before only the larger houses, principally those of the gentry had been valued in the first valuation. The tenement valuations of County Dublin were the first to be published on 5 May 1853 and the last were the valuations of County Armagh on 1 June 1865.

The valuation is a vital document in genealogical research, since in the absence of census records in Ireland before 1901 the valuation records in many ways can act as a substitute.

In terms of Clowry’s in the Griffith’s Valuation, the majority are based in Carlow, one in Castledermot and two Clowry’s is based in Wexford. The Carlow Valuations were completed by 28 June 1853 and the Wexford Valuations were completed by 7 July 1854.


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