Clowry Family History Name

This articles provides information on the Clowry family name and although I am not certain that this is 100% correct. It was originally created by the Historical Research Center.


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Clowry Parish Records – part 3

In a follow up to the first article on Clowry parish records – Part 1 and Clowry parish records Part 2 , John Clowry(Canberra) has provided me with list of Carlow Parish records and a Map of Carlow Parishes.

Download the: List of Carlow Parish and Parish Map

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Clowry Parish Records – Part 2

In a follow up to the first article on Clowry parish records, I have compiled a list of relevant Parish records. If anyone feels like assisting, they can search for Clowrys by visiting the National Library of Ireland and using the microfilms number listed below.


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Clowry Letter 1908 – Part 2

I have found a few more documents that related to the previous article Clowry Letter 1908. If you find any other information, please let me know. I have uploaded them below and please leave some comments if you have any.

Most of the documents below were provided by Veronica Shorten via Roger Nowlan. Roger has done some excellent work, collecting and distributing documents regarding the Daby Clwory 1798 event.


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Clowry Parish Records

The genealogy task I dread the most is searching through Irish Parish Records. The Parish Records currently exist in handwritten microfilm format in the National Library of Ireland and are extremely tedious to search through. The process is manual and some records are faded, others badly documented and some completely illegible.


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Current Clowry Family Tree Branches

I have been working on a worldwide Clowry family tree. So far I have 30 branches which I am trying to merge together. The branches are held on the website. You need to have a free account to access these trees and also you may need to be part of my family group. Either way if you are having problems with the links below, please let me know.


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Clowry Personal Family Trees

Very often I get sent family tree drawings that people have created over the years and passed onto me. These trees provide vital assistance when trying to make links from one family tree to another. Most of these documents do not come with supporting documents and through experience, it can be often more prudent to think that information may not be 100% on them until you can verify the information.
(Please note: These trees are certainly never complete but can be used as a guide when trying to research your own family tree.)


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Clowry Irish Wills

Wills are a useful source in Irish family history. The often contain information on the close family and beneficiaries of the testator(will writer). Usually wills contain the name,address, occupation, date of will and the names of beneficiaries,executors and witnesses.


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Clowrys in Irish Newspapers – Part 2

In my previous post, Clowrys in Irish Newspapers – Part 1, I stated that I would upload all of the Clowry Irish Newspaper articles.

You can know download them here: Clowry Irish Newspaper articles ZIP format
(Please note that there are over 400pages in the above file. The file size is 110MB. This file can take a few minutes to download it)

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Dublin Clowrys Video

As part of a father’s day present 2010, I created a video that included a number of old photos of Clowrys in Dublin. I hope to make an Clowry photo video containing all Clowry photos in the future.

Clowrys in Dublin

View the video here: Clowrys in Dublin – 1900 -1970

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Clowry Letter 1908

(Please note: Many of the links on this page, link to You will need to setup a free account to view the links and the profiles associated with them. If you are having any difficulties with any of the links, please leave a comment below. )

One of the most interesting items that I have come across in my research was a transcription of two letters written about 1908. John Clowry from Castledermot, Kildare had received the transcription from an American visitor (Cathy Bordenaro) in the 1990’s.  John Clowry had kindly passed it on to me. I uploaded the letter to the online Carlow Rootsweb mailing list to see if anyone could offer any information. Veronica(Ronnie) Shorten offered me detailed information about the family in the letter. Roger Nowlan kindly researched and wrote an article about the letter for a local Carlow newspaper.

Background to the Letter
The letter had been passed to Cathy Bordenaro USA from her ancestors. Cathy’s great great great grandmother was Brigit Kehoe (or Kehough) Clowry, wife of John Clowry and daughter-in-law of Jeremiah (Darby) and Mary Crowe Clowry/Anne[????]. John was born 1786 and died 1847 and is buried in Newton Churchyard.  He married Brigit Kehoe in 1821 and they lived on Ballystarna farm.  She left for America 2 years after he died in 1849 and died here in 1867.

Thomas, the author of the letter and Robert were brothers.  Robert was president of the Western Union Telegraph in the Civil War so he was here in the US and he had no children.  Thomas and Robert’s father was John, the one who got the family out of the house in the fire.  I believe Thomas was in the USA when he wrote the letter.


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Clowry Griffith’s Valuation

Richard John Griffith conducted a tenement survey which valued individual property separately for the first time in Ireland. The survey valued all buildings in the townland for the first time, whereas, before only the larger houses, principally those of the gentry had been valued in the first valuation. The tenement valuations of County Dublin were the first to be published on 5 May 1853 and the last were the valuations of County Armagh on 1 June 1865.

The valuation is a vital document in genealogical research, since in the absence of census records in Ireland before 1901 the valuation records in many ways can act as a substitute.

In terms of Clowry’s in the Griffith’s Valuation, the majority are based in Carlow, one in Castledermot and two Clowry’s is based in Wexford. The Carlow Valuations were completed by 28 June 1853 and the Wexford Valuations were completed by 7 July 1854.


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Clowrys in Irish Newspapers

Newspapers archives can contain a wealth of information for family history. For a small fee(usually €10) you can get access to old newspaper articles online.

Two websites that I have used to date for Clowry Genealogy research in Ireland are:


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