Clowrys in Irish Newspapers

Newspapers archives can contain a wealth of information for family history. For a small fee(usually €10) you can get access to old newspaper articles online.

Two websites that I have used to date for Clowry Genealogy research in Ireland are:

Irish Newspaper Archives cover the following newspapers.

and the Irish Times archive covers 1859 – 2011.

There were 493 news articles in the Irish News archives and the Irish Times archive contained 126 news articles. Some of the articles are duplicated, so I have not added these to the website.

Over the last few weeks, I have documented and downloaded the Irish Clowry newspaper articles. I have added the articles to the website and linked them with the associated people’s profiles:
(You will need a FREE account to view these articles above and below) .

Most of the news articles pre-1900 contain information on Clowry clergymen or have religious links to the content. These include Rev Father William Clowry, Father Patrick Clowry, a Father Clowry of St Gabriels Church New York. There are also some marriages announcements, death announcements(my great great great grandfather).

The 1900 – 1940’s Irish Clowry newspaper articles seem to be dominated by traders, mainly the brothers Peter Bernard Clowry and Daniel Joseph Clowry. Death(like the drowning of Michael Clowry) and marriage announcements are displayed more frequently in the newspapers at this time.

From 1940’s onwards death, marriage and anniversary announcements are commonplace. Sport seems to play a big role in the newspapers from 1940’s onwards – including Daniel Joseph Clowry Meath GAA heroics, Sean Clowry’s GAA games for Drimnagh Castle John Clowry rugby/tennis matches, Helen Clowry’s Bridge Games, Michael Gerard Clowry’s Golfing endeavours,Linda Clowry’s Special Olympic feats, Karl Clowry’s triathlon/running victories and more recently Martin Clowry’s Carlow GAA matches.

Thomas Clowry , a victualler/butcher also has a number of articles related to his shop in Navan, Gary Clowry’s Internet Cafes and Patrick Clowry on his Fitzwilliam & City Post venture.

There was also a number of law/crime/misdemeanour related newspaper articles which include stories based on the Dodder Mystery involving Margaret Clowry(thought to be part of James Joyce’s Ulysses),  a Dublin Corporation vs CLOWRY ejectment case and an active Patrick Clowry from Kilkenny

I will post in the coming weeks a file that can be downloaded containing all of the Irish Clowry news articles. If anyone has any other ideas about newspaper articles, please let me know.