Clowry Parish Records

The genealogy task I dread the most is searching through Irish Parish Records. The Parish Records currently exist in handwritten microfilm format in the National Library of Ireland and are extremely tedious to search through. The process is manual and some records are faded, others badly documented and some completely illegible. offers a pay service to view digitised records, however as luck would NOT have it, the two main areas that Clowrys resided in (Carlow & Wexford) have not been digitised.

I often get requests about Clowrys prior to 1865 whose details will only be found in parish records. Sometimes I might have a small amount of information that I have picked up from kind contributors but usually I can’t assist to any great extent. I have not yet found the motivation to search through the microfilm. That said, it is inevitable that I will get around to it after I have finished my research on the Clowrys from 1865 – Present.

Along the way I have picked up Parish record information from kind individuals around the world and I have supplied a list of all of the notes that I have below. This is not by any means complete but may serve as a useful point for any person searching for Clowry information. If anybody else has other Parish Records or have any thoughts on the post, please comment below or send me an email to the usual address.

Tinryland Parish
Kindly Provided by Kate Miller Herron, Church records transcribed – Tinryland 3rd October 2007


Bagenalstown Parish

Kindly Provided by Kate Miller HerronResults of visit to Carlow library on October 5th 2007



Rathoe Parish

Kindly Provided by Kate Miller HerronResults of visit to Carlow library on October 5th 2007


Carlow Parish

Provided and transcribed by Pat Purcell in 1957

Carlow Cathedral – Deaths,  Marriages & Births

Michael Clowry/Ellen Tynan

Thomas Clowry/Margaret Edgeworth

Michael Clowry/Anne Headon

Michael Clowry/Anne Haydon

Elija Clowry/Mary Neill

Martin Clowry/Julia Clowry


Borris Parish

Kindly Provided by Maggi Clowrey, USA & Trevor Clowry


Borris RC Church (St. Michael’s)


Myshall Parish

– Kindly provided by Roger Nowlan.

1824 – 9 Jan 1824 Thomas of John Clowry and Eliza Walsh, Grange John Kerry and Bridget Murphy


Parents: JOHN NOLAN and BRIDGET CLOWRY IGI: (same batch number)