Clowry Personal Family Trees

Very often I get sent family tree drawings that people have created over the years and passed onto me. These trees provide vital assistance when trying to make links from one family tree to another. Most of these documents do not come with supporting documents and through experience, it can be often more prudent to think that information may not be 100% on them until you can verify the information.
(Please note: These trees are certainly never complete but can be used as a guide when trying to research your own family tree.)

Hand-drawn family tree of the 1908 letter by Cathy Bordenaro (from her viewpoint)
Generated family tree list of Jeremiahs Darby Clowry descendants. Based on 1908 letter.
Handdrawn tree by John Clowry Castledermot, Kildare of his family tree. Places include Tullow, Ballaghmore, Castledermot.

This trees above are Irish based trees, I also have some from Australia, UK and USA which I will post in due course.