Clowrys in Irish Census 1911 Kilkenny

As mentioned in the main article: Clowrys in Irish Census, there are a two Clowry families in Kilkenny in the 1911 Census. They are located in Green Street, Goresbridge and Callan Road Kilkenny. View more detailed information below.


Map of Clowrys in Kilkenny 1911 Census.
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Green Street, Goresbridge, Kilkenny
(REF: FAMILY00 / MYS03 – Kilbricken )

Person Name Birth
Age 1911 Census
Olive Clowrey 1900 11 Link Link
Evangeline Clowrey 1899 12 Link Link

Callan Road, Kilkenny No. 1 Urban, Kilkenny
(REF: FAMILY04 / BAG01 – Kilkenny )

Person Name Birth
Age 1911 Census
Mary Clowery 1849 62 Link Link
Patrick Clowery 1883 28 Link Link
James Clowery 1894 17 Link Link

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